Massage Therapy Glasgow

Massage Therapy Glasgow

Massage Therapy Glasgow

Here at The Health Hub, we offer a variety of Massage Therapies in our Glasgow hub. Our complementary Therapists Lilian and Laura have a combined 40 year’s experience in the health and wellness industry. Laura was also nominated by ‘Holistic Scotland Magazine’ as their Therapist of the year! Find out more about Laura and Lilian here.

  • £45 for 45 minutes
  • £60 for 1 hour
  • £85 for 90 Minutes

Special Offer: Add a 30 min Sauna or 20 min Theralight to any of the above treatments for an additional £20

There are many different types of massage, sometimes described as exercise without moving. Massage warms and relaxes our skin and muscles and benefits us both physically and mentally.  It can speed up recovery from injuries where movement is restricted or painful.  Blood flow is increased gently and passively without causing further stress on the affected area.

We also offer shorter ‘chair’ massages performed through light clothing which is helpful if shoulders and backs need help relaxing and reducing tension. These take place on a specially designed massage chair. The seated forward position is ideal to reach and effectively warms and relaxes the upper back and neck. Chair massage can often help ease headaches and general aches in one sitting.

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We offer a wide range of massage treatments to suit your individual needs.

These include:

FatiguePain Management & Mobility

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