LT Personal Training

LT Personal Training

LT Personal Training

LT Personal Training…..Coming soon!!

Exclusive tailored 1-2-1 Personal training sessions.

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What we offer:

  • Private 1:1 personal training
  • Tailored nutrition plan – break down macro nutrients and calorie consumption as per the individuals goals and lifestyle.
  • Regular check-ins with personal trainer.
  • Bring a buddy 2:1 sessions
  • Exclusive access to cutting edge technology to improve performance and aid recovery.


Why choose LT Personal Training over a commercial gym?

Private Training Facility – gym anxiety is real and can affect our view of exercise and our ability to perform. At LT Personal Training you will benefit from an isolated experience ensuring that you get the most out of your sessions in a comfortable environment to progress at your own pace.

No Time Restrictions – Workout duration can vary depending on an individual’s goals and fitness levels.

At LT Personal Training we pride ourselves on our ability to educate and provide an effective training session tailored to our clients’ needs without the restriction of time.

Accountability, Motivation and Support – You will receive regular check-ins. This is to ensure that if you find yourself losing motivation or your progress becomes static then we will adapt your plan accordingly getting you back on track to ensure success. You will be required to send a log of your daily nutritional intake and I will be available for support by means of text message at any time.

The Health Hub – You will have direct access to The Health Hub’s facilities from our gym which includes a range of treatments and therapies that will aid recovery and improve overall well being. When you arrive at our studio we recommend you take a look in The Health Hub and see what they have to offer.  All LT Personal Training clients get 10% off exclusive Health Hub services.

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